Wednesday, July 30, 2008

*What's happening in the local market?

{{Potd/2005-10-16 (en)}} [Image] Online shoppers, particularly in the real estate industry, and perhaps also your field of business, appreciate local knowledge. This is where a localised business directory like really shines.
According to the NAR, 35 percent of online buyers also looked for "information about the area" - the next largest category behind listings. Fifty percent of buyers found "neighborhood and community information" extremely valuable, again the next largest category after listings and listings features such as photos, home addresses, and maps. School reports and crime data didn't even make the NAR's list, but agent contact information did - 40 percent of buyers found agent contact information extremely valuable.

What's missing in the whole online marketing strategy is the thing that can't be automated - what's happening in the local market. That's the one piece of information that can't be automated by any listings site. Only working agents and brokers know what's happening in their local market places.

Agents and brokers make reports on local market conditions - the one piece of information that consumers can't get anywhere - unless they talk to an agent who lives and works in that area.
Source: What Internet Consumers Want Besides Listings by Blanche Evans

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