Monday, July 7, 2008

*Online Consumer Trends

Manhattan, New York [Image] Why is the Internet so appealing to real estate consumers? It is efficient. Instead of driving around to see homes for sale and viewing each one physically, the consumer can now get a good feel for the home (at least enough to know whether they want to see it in person), simply by viewing photos online.
Second, researching real estate online allows consumers to eliminate other marketing and sales materials. The newspaper, mail box and e-mail are full of unwanted solicitations. Online, the consumer controls the experience.
Third, and most important, the consumer can remain anonymous. Consumers curious about real estate don’t want to be solicited or sold. They want to remain hidden, and the Web provides the information they want with no strings attached.

This is relevant information to any business, not only real estate. Read the rest of Online Consumer Trends: Positioning Yourself for Success by Bill Miles

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